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TTPS Reviews

Here are some reviews after using TTPS
Shri. Manas Karmarkar
(Head Coach, Vasant Vihar Club, Thane)
A handy tool for self analysis. I can ask my players to view their video and complete analysis with TTPS. So it makes sure that player has gone through the video thoroughly, point by point, documenting what happened in match.
Shri. Aniket Ranade
(Head Coach, Dombivli Gymkhana, Dombivli)
TTPS allows me to view analysis of my players at my convenience. Also facilitate me to uniquely provide advice for each player separately.
Shri. Rajoo Yadav
(Head Coach, Seed Table Tennis Academy, Dombivli)
TTPS offers all analysis of game including how one player has played against plain rubber, short pimpled rubber and long pimpled rubber separately. It helps my players to go through their strengths and weaknesses easily.
Shri. Adhwari Kulkarni
(Parent of TT player, Vasai)
Helps my son to document his matches in a systematic way and the analysis can be viewed any time, anywhere, at later stage. Helps to build strategy. It's graphical representation of points is a nice feature. He also don't have to keep maintaining different notebooks with manual analysis.
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