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TTPS Guide

How to use TTPS?       Here are the steps
Have your login and password and then login.
Game Details:
                     Here you have to enter details for each game. The analysis is done for each game. The information about the game to be added in 4 parts:
  1. Game score and service started by whom?
  2. Game details as date, venue etc.
  3. Opponent's details.
  4. Details of each point.
Game List:
                     Here you can view the list of games you have entered till now for analysis. Each game entered by you will be alloted one number which is called as TTPS Game No.
Game Analysis:
                     This is the place where you can view the detailed analysis of each game entered by you. You just need to select the creiteria to view the analysis. The analysis can be viewd on basis of different criterias as given below:
Opponent wise Playing Hand wise Desider Games? Rubber Type All games
  1. Opponent player - Single game
  2. Opponent player - Multiple games
  3. Opponent player - All games
  1. Right Hand Players
  2. Left Hand Players
  1. Desider Games
  2. Non Desider Games
  1. Plain Rubbers
  2. Short Pimpled
  3. Long Pimpled
  4. Odd Rubbers
Over all analysis of Self including all games
What Analysis you can view?
                     Analysis of single or multiple games as per your selection criteria.
  1. Services
  2. Service Returns
  3. Wrong Service ratio
  4. Points won on which services
  5. Points lost on which services
  6. Which strokes gained your tally
  7. Opponent's which Strokes were difficult for you
  8. Strokewise count of points gained vs points lost
  9. Short suggestion for each stroke
  10. Percentage of Attack vs defence game
  11. What are the areas of your weakness
  12. What are the areas of weakness of Opponent
  13. And various types of analysis which can help you to know your plus and minus points. Also similarly about opponent. This can help you to finalise the strategy when next time you play with same player.
                     You can keep on adding all your played games and analyse your own game. In middle of the tournament, you can view the analysis of particular opponent just before the match and brush up the points which need to be remembered this time. The analysis will remain with you all the time which can be used any time in future.
Action time:
                     So this is your action time, start using TTPS . Do the analysis of your game on your own. Once you start, you will come to know minor and major things of you and your opponent's game and also where to improve and what to do next. Now it is up to you, to progress or not.
How to get your own TTPS membership?:
                     Offers starting from Rs. 300/-. Kindly check Offers  for different levels of Membership. Select most suitable for you and click on Subscription  to pay the subscription. You will receive your login credentials within 2 working days. Then just start using TTPS. Best of Luck and Enjoy the Game of Table Tennis.
                     For any help or query, write to . We are happy to serve you better.
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