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TTPS Membership Levels & Offers

Check the different Membership levels. Select most suitable for you and subscribe.
Functions --> A B C D E F G
Levels TTPS Analysis Self entry & TTPS Analysis 1 Game Free TTPS Login View analysis in TTPS Share analysis to friend Share analysis to Coach Benefits Subscription Amount
Entry Level X First game analysis free Rs. 0.00
Blossom Level X X 2/3 games - Rs. 300.00
4/5 games - Rs. 400.00
6/7 games - Rs. 500.00
Master Level X X 15 games with 3 months duration Rs. 600.00
Coach Level X X X X Provide advice to player Can view and provide advice to all club players Rs. 600.00
Levelwise additional information:
Entry level - Only 1 game per 1 player. Player need to register first. Once player completes registration process successfully and correctly, we will continue with TTPS login process.
Blossom level - Player need to pay online, upload video on any common area (as google photos etc.) and send us the link. Analysis will be sent in PDF format to player.
Master level - Player can add 15 games within 3 months. If any of 2 conditions exaust earlier, then player will not be able to add new games. But he will enjoy the login as that is only complementary.
For player, we charge only for functionality A and B. Other functions as C, D, E, F and G are complimentary, hence additional support will bot be provided on these functionalities.

Check the Offers and avail best for you. Avail Group Subscriptions for Master level.
(Individual Master level Subscription Rs. 600.00)
Players in Group Discount Rs. Savings per Player Subscription link
3 Players Subscription Rs. 1,620.00
5 Players Subscription Rs. 2,550.00
8 Players Subscription Rs. 3,840.00
13 Players Subscription Rs. 5,850.00
One of the Group member can pay the subscription online and send the list of all group members (email ID and player names) to, then all members will receive their TTPS login credentials within 2 working days.
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